Monday, 25 August 2014

Birthday upstand

This one is for my niece's birthday in November - I'm trying to get all my birthday cards finished so I can start on the Christmas cards!!  I fiddled about with this design for quite a time before I was satisfied with the way it looks.  I put a piece of Centura Pearl 300 gsm through my printer so it was a pale mauve colour.  It cut really well on the Cameo, although I did do a double cut.  I was quite pleased with the semi-circular border which is cut in the same card as the main card, the font is arial, made into a stencil by use of the knife tool on the Cameo.  A few beads as flower centres just finishes it off nicely.  The template is shared on uks as usual.

1 comment:

  1. This is lovely, it would be a 'keeper' if anyone sent me this for my Birthday. I'm itching to try it for myself :-) (I'm Ginger Snaps on UKS)