Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Double diamond fold 18th Birthday

This is the card I have designed for my middle granddaughter's 18th birthday next month.  It was a bit fiddly to assemble and I found the most difficult part to be sticking the fragile mats onto the offset mats, I used a wet glue in the end, but it was a bit fraught.  Great care was needed to lift the mats from the carrier sheet but with a bit of patience it can be done!  The template is shared on the UKS site as usual.

Double diamond fold card

I saw a double diamond fold card on Create and Craft recently which was made from a single sheet of A4 - I have adapted the idea for cutting with the Cameo and this card is made in 3 sections glued together.  My nephew has a birthday this month and I thought this would be an ideal card for him  The template for the diamond fold is shared on UKS and I used the same template for an 18th birthday card for my granddaughter

Semi circular birthday mats

This was a quickly designed card which I made in a big hurry.  Basically I just made a circle, cut it in half and inset the 2 semicircles and made  a path.  I then put the text in and filled it up with scrolls and welded it all together and cut it and put it on a gatefold card.  The mat inside is a simple lattice with happy birthday in the centre.  I'm not particularly keen on this one, I don't think it is one of my better efforts so I haven't bothered putting the template on UKS.