Monday, 10 January 2011

Cameo thank you

I was pleased with the cameo birthday so when my granddaughter asked me to do a thank you card for her to give to mentor I designed this one. Again the cameo is from Faces from the Past which I had to edit in order to cut it well. I'm not sure if I like this one or not, it's a bit on the busy side, but my granddaughter was well pleased with it!
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Cameo birthday

I made this for a very old friend who is celebrating her 70th birthday very soon. The cameo is from the font Faces from the Past. I had to do a bit of editing on the image so that it would cut well on the robo and I was pleased with the end result - hope she will like it!
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Tartan card

It's my DH's birthday today (shan't mention how old he is!) I racked my poor brain to try and come up with an idea for a card without much success. As he is a Scot and we all joke about him having short arms and deep pockets I though he might like a wee sporran to keep his baubees safe!! He's not at all mean really just a bit careful! He liked the card.
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