Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Midwife Graduation

My daughter graduated as a midwife this September at the age of 41 (she is the mother of the granddaughter who graduated as a paediatric nurse).  We are proud beyond words that she has achieved her goal.  She is a single mother of two girls and her dedication to achieving her aim in life has been incredible.  There were inevitably setbacks along the way, but she got there in the end.  I designed this card for her, but I have to say thank you to Frogzone of the UKS site for the stork file which I have adapted for my purposes.  My daughter loved the card - it made her laugh.

R.N. Graduation

My lovely granddaughter graduated as a paedatric nurse in September last year.  We are all so proud of her.She has always wanted to be a nurse even from a little tot and has now achieved her dream.  She is currently working as a theatre nurse in the Birmingham Childrens Hospital which is a wonderful opportunity for her.  I designed this congratulations card for her.

My daughter in law had one of those "0" birthdays last year so I designed this daisy gatefold for her with the 40 well hidden inside as I didn't think she would want too much reminding! It was fun to make and I decorated the flower centres with purple seed beads.  I think she liked it! The studio cutting file is again freely shared on the UKS site.

6 inch square card with ribbon detail

Again I can't remember who I designed this for but I do remember being very pleased with the way it turned out - lacy just the way I like it! The white, cream and gold looks quite classy I think and the embossed mat sets if off.  It took a while to assemble it all to my liking, but I was pleased with the end result.

Lacy gatefold birthday

I enjoyed designing this lacy gatefold card - I can't remember who I designed it for, but I think it was for my sister.  It took me quite a while to get it as I wanted it but I did feel it was worthwhile in the end.  These lacy layers (which I love to do) are quite difficult to stick onto the backing and I usually use Herma repositionable as I find it easier to reposition if I don't just get it correctly placed.  I've tried a glue pen but by the time I've got to the end of the design it's drying too much at the start and won't stick properly, it also works out quite expensive to use a glue pen so I stick to the good old Herma!

Below is the inside of this card.

Someone Special

I can't believe it is almost a year since I uploaded anything into my blog! I think the last one was my granddaughter's 21st and now she is almost 22!

This is a card I designed for a very dear friend of mine last year - a nice lacy design mat laid over a scalloped base card.  I found this pleasing to do and my friend loved it.  The studio template for this card is shared on UKS as usual.